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Academic programme

Under Graduate Courses

Faculty of Arts

# Subject Intake
1 B.A Honours in Bengali 80
2 B.A Honours in English 115
3 B.A Honours in Education 60
4 B.A Honours in History 60

Faculty of Science

# Subject Intake
1 B.Sc Honours in Botany 60
2 B.Sc Honours in Zoology 75
3 B.Sc Honours in Chemistry 80
4 B.Sc Honours in Physics 60
5 B.Sc Honours in Mathematics 60
6 B.Sc Honours in Geography 80
7 B.Sc. Honours in Computer Science 90
8 Bachelor of Computer Application 100
9 B.Sc. Honours in Agriculture 90
10 Bachelor of Fishery Science 60

Post Graduate Courses

Faculty of Science

# Subject Intake
1 M.Sc in Botany 60
2 M.Sc in Zoology 60
3 M.Sc in Chemistry 60
4 M.Sc in Physics 60
5 M.Sc in Mathematics 60
6 M.Sc in Geography 70
7 M.Sc. in Computer Science 60
8 Master in Computer Application 60
9 M.Sc. in Agriculture (Agronomy) 55
10 M.Sc. in Agriculture (Genetics & Plant Breeding) 55
11 M.Sc. in Agriculture (Plant Pathology) 40
12 M.Sc. in Fisheries Science 60

Faculty of Arts

# Subject Intake
1 M.A in Bengali 40
2 M.A in English 60
3 M.A in History 40
4 M.A in Education 60

Paramedical & Allied Health Sciences Courses


# Subject Intake
1 Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) VU 135
2 B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) WBUHS 50
3 B.Sc. in Medical Microbiology 40
4 B.Sc. in Radiology and Imaging Science 40
5 M.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) 50
6 M.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology (Microbiology) 30
7 M.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology (Biochemistry) 30
8 M.Sc. in Medical Microbiology 30

Allied Health Sciences

# Subject Intake
1 B.Sc. in Nutrition 80
2 M.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics 60
3 M.Sc. in Food Science & Nutrition 60
4 M.Sc. in Applied Nutrition 30

Management Studies Courses


# Subject Intake
1 BBA in Hospital Management 100
2 Master in Hospital Administration (MHA) 40
3 Master in Business Administration (MBA) 60

Academic Objectives

In this section, the philosophy and values of education will be discussed. MIDNAPORE CITY COLLEGE is committed to develop itself as a value and need based quality education in the state of West Bengal. It has the ultimate objective of producing qualified and competent students responsive to the changing needs of the society at the national and international levels. Before ending, it must be added here that MCC intends to keep a low student teacher ratio for proper care & attention to each and every student. The Government’s regulations on reservation for SC/ST and OBC will always be observed to cater education to the deprived section of Indian Society at large.

The institute is proud of the achievement of its students. The students of our institute are very serious and attentive to their studies. They utilize the lab and library facilities at the maximum.

Founder Director of our institute is young and dynamic, dedicated and motivated. Being a noted academician he himself looks after the overall academic aspects of the institute. He is like the friend and philosopher of the students. Whenever the students have any confusion on any particular subject, they directly come to the faculty who helps students to make them understand the basic principle of the subject in a simplest way. The Director keeps a vigilant eye on the performance of faculties and applies his knowledge and experience to maintain fair and amicable teacher-student relationship.

The Director always thinks for the betterment of the institution and he has the plan in his mind to shape the institute as a centre of excellence for higher studies and researches in science, humanities and Education, particularly in emerging areas. He is used to make things in its right way and direction.

The basic objective of the Institute is to organize Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses of study in science, Humanities and Education. But MCC family has the thought in its mind to extend and incorporate other field of studies in this institute, so that the passed out students of MCC after completion of PG can avail of Doctoral studies under same roof.

Teaching & Learning Process

Midnapore City College, by virtue of its quality of education, the uniqueness of its teaching learning process and the continuous emphasis on the all-round development of students, has created a niche for itself. A harmonious integration of valued traditions with modern outlook is the guiding principle behind the development of academic environment of the institute.

Beside the required curricular activities, students are exposed to number of other programmes like group discussions, interactive seminar, brain-storming sessions etc. All are designed to expand and bring about qualitative growth. Through such programmes, students are constantly motivated and encouraged to develop their leadership qualities and improve their communication abilities. There is constant endeavour on the part of the members of faculty and staff of this Institute to help students in this grooming process.

Although the assessment of the students' performance is generally guided by the prevalent regulations of the University the respective courses teacher also adopts a continuous evaluation system independently in the Institute. Classrooms are equipped with teaching aids like OHPs, LCD Projector, and PA System etc. Members of faculty are available beyond class hours for clarification of doubts, Problem solving sessions and remedial classes are also held. A student counselling cell is provided for guidance, counselling and psychological boost-up of the students. Seminars are organised in each department to improve the students and innovate faculty and presentation skills. The seminars / workshops on recent developments in science and arts are frequently organized with speakers from academia and industry. The language clinic provides training in Spoken English. Mock interviews are organized so that students can face their job interview confidently. Periodical meetings between students & trustees, teacher & parents/guardians are held to get feedback regarding teaching and learning in the institute. Unique pedagogical methods are followed throughout the teaching learning process. Students are given special coaching on modern science and language free of cost. Students are given extra projects for developing their skills in modern science.