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Management Studies

Management Studies

This department has been established with the objectives to train and enhance highly proficient professionals with improved decision-making quality in various fields including business, technology, and healthcare. Management Science provides insights and solutions that drive innovation, and improve operational efficiency, thereby contributing to long-term success and growth. This department is known for effectively inculcate the sense of ethics, professionalism, pro-activeness and effective communication skills amongst the graduates.

Management Studies



"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."

~Bill Gates

Management studies refer to the academic discipline and field of study that focuses on understanding and analyzing the principles, theories, and practices involved in effectively planning, organizing, leading, and controlling resources within organizations to achieve specific goals and objectives.
This department provides students quality education and experiences in various fields including healthcare, human resource, marketing, business analytics etc. It contains professional courses in high demand in both UG and PG following, BBA in Hospital Management (BBAHM), Master in Hospital Administration (MHA), and Master of Business Administration (MBA) with numbers of specializations.
Midnapore City College has introduced this department with programs that are AICTE approved and effectively satisfy the need and interest of mindful candidates all over the country. The prima facie objective of the department is to nurture and develop outstanding management professionals who will take the leading role in different sectors of the economy with special emphasis on technology-driven and knowledge-based industries especially in over changing and dynamic environment.

About Hospital Management

"All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence"

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bachelor of Hospital Management aims to provide students with sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out the administrative operations of clinical and support service departments. The duration of the course is 3 years. The hospital mangers play a key role in the dynamic health care sector. They are involved in the overall coordination of activities of the hospital. They also involve in the HR activities of the hospital to identify the problems of employees and to reduce their retention. These professionals are also engaged with the computerization of important files and in the security of the same. The course study help them to identify the changing technological need of the Company and to act in pace with the same.
The advantages offered by Bachelor of Hospital Management are huge. The course study imparts leadership qualities in the candidate in order to administer and the direct the operations of the hospital. The same helps one to find opportunities with public health departments, nursing homes, etc apart from hospitals. By gaining experience in the role of hospital manager, one can move in to the role of chief executive officer or head of the department of the organizations. The job position of Hospital manager offers good salary packages also.
MHA (Master of Hospital Administration) is equal to and more than MBA in Health care. A suitable work experience can always give students higher employment prospects vis-à-vis a fresh graduate, quite like MBA compared to other graduates.
The Masters in Hospital Administration course is meant for those people who share these sentiments, because job responsibilities range from giving astute guidance in administration to managing the daily affairs of the hospital. Efficient management can play a role in saving more lives. With the advent of medical tourism and rapid development in technologies the health sector is emerging as one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Several corporates and business organisations have forayed into the healthcare sector, thus resulting in the healthcare delivery system becoming more organised, systematic and efficient. Hence, the healthcare industry needs professionals who can handle these challenges.
The programmes enable individuals to take on leadership roles by equipping them with training in planning, project and operational management, financial, material and human resource management.
With a steady 15% annual growth rate over the last decade, MHA has gradually become the programme of choice for graduates who want to make a mark in the dynamic healthcare industry in India. This is also an avenue for Dental graduates and students from other Allied Healthcare streams to explore. More and more medical students are opting for MHA to enhance their career prospects for creating a niche towards managerial aspects of running hospitals/healthcare units.
Also, there lies a scope beyond hospitals as well. For example, getting employed as health care program coordinators and resource persons in International NGOs (UNICEF, WHO, etc.), NGOs and GOs. The character of the course is experiential learning, with 90 hours of training per semester. The students usually get placed prior to or during the final semester.