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Founder Message

Smt. Sukrita Ghosh, President

MIDNAPORE CITY COLLEGE is more than just a college. We are a community. From your first day at Midnapore City College, you will meet people who will support, inspire, and challenge you to be the best person you can be. Because of our unique community, we can promise that when you leave, you will experience tremendous growth. You will have developed into a new, more advanced more self-assured version of yourself.

At MCC, we take in pride ourselves for our reputation for being a caring college, one that takes enthusiasm in assisting our students. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students to achieve their goals and will work with you daily to ensure a successful educational experience. Our student body is equally as welcoming, offering an environment of support, encouragement and friendship like no other.

As an accredited institution, uniquely aligned with business and industry, we also full proud of ourselves on being a centre for academic excellence. Once you begin at Great Bay, you will be exposed to a rigorous learning experience both in and out of the classroom. We will challenge you like you have not been challenged before, but the prize will be a better you. Get inspired and control your destiny.

Whether you want to gain an Associate Degree to start on a career path, transfer to one of our many partner colleges, or just upgrade your skills, we offer a rich learning environment, flexible schedules and high quality, affordable programs and services to help you to succeed. Perhaps more importantly however, we provide you with tools to continue to evolve as a person and lead a richer and more rewarding life.

Midnapore City College is uniquely capable of answering this call, of speaking to this world. As an institution of higher education, Midnapore City College is committed to the discovery and transmission of knowledge. It also seeks to integrate excellence and commitment its students.

Imagine the possibilities and start something great with us today.

Smt. Anindita Ghosh, Vice President

The transition from school to college is a very big step in life. You have put in so much hard work in your public exams, spent sleepless nights, earned a rewarding score, and with the blessings of your parent/guardian you have joined your chosen stream of education to realize the life-ambition of your life and set the foundation for your future. By choosing to create a future for yourself from our institution means that we, the teachers and management at MCC, are also responsible for your successful graduation and growth. You will cherish every day at your college. Right from day one, you will feel welcome by all of us here - your seniors, your new professors, and members of administration. What's more, the energetic environment will have you charged up to achieve your dream with confidence like never before. I assure you, you are home.

It is your career path that you have now embarked upon, which will be a remarkable journey in itself that will prepare you for a life beyond college. We hope to make your journey with us, engaging, encouraging and enlivening as ever, for you to grow as a thorough individual, ready to take on life as an adult. We pray and will work with you to see you become one with the society where your contribution will make a definitive difference to our world. The commitment from us begins from day one - to work with you and walk with you through each day all through the years you will spend here which is your home away from home. As I mentioned earlier, the learned staff and the ever accessible management is there to guide you through your path and help you nurture your dreams and ful fill them by empowering you to realize your true potential. Be it studies, sports or any extracurricular activities, you don't just graduate with a degree and a certificate - but become a graduate of life and a true citizen of the world of tomorrow.

Wish you all the best.

Dr. Pradip Ghosh, Director

Being the Founder Director of MCC & Secretary of Moraine Human Resource Development Organization, my vision is to develop a model institution of Applied Science, Humanities, Social Science and Education, and Research Centre with job-oriented courses for the students coming from different parts of India and abroad.


In the competitive world of today, survival is not just a matter of qualifications but one of qualifications with competence. A better survivor is one with better competency and qualifications. The thrust is a specialization creating a newer one by one's ability, skill, qualification and competency. There are so many institutions in our country. All of them strive to add some value in an individual's life. "Midnapore City College (MCC)" has been initiated with the vision of enabling the youth of this country to have a purposeful vision, mission and goal. I always think the betterment of the Institution and to shape the Institute as a Centre of Excellence for higher studies and researches in science, Humanities, Social Science and Education, particularly in emerging areas.


The basic objective of the institute is to organize undergraduate courses of study in Science, Humanities, Social Science and Education. But I have the plan to extend and incorporate other fields of studies in the institute, so that the passed-out students of MCC, after completion of UG degree, can avail of Post Graduate studies under same roof.


As a Director of this College, I can assure you that the college will provide all the assistance to you for pursuing your goals. It is with this purpose that the college has initiated measures not just to encourage students to pursue their education purposefully but also to provide additional competency through educating them in the respective field.


I hope the students who step into this institution would use the facilities available and attain their goals.


Wish you all the best.